Why Taking The First Aid CPR/AED Course With Doctors’ First Aid?

  • We are internationally trained medical doctors, had worked in different European Western countries and others around the world.
  • Having the knowledge, professional expertise and experience that is unlikely to be matched by any other profession concerning matters of First Aid. We have worked in ER, been attached to adult and pediatric medical and surgical teams including first call ‘crash’ teams that manage cardiac arrest.
  • We do realize that first aid is unlikely to be your ultimate priority – until you need your life saving, or the life of your loved one, then pretty well everything else will be insignificant. We know that!
  • As medical doctors, there is nothing worse than losing life  for the want of a little knowledge and application – and that is why we are passionate and want to give you teaching that you can remember.
  • First aid also requires immediate care to people who suffer from medical problems like Diabetic emergencies, Seizures. Therefore, we are incomparable for the knowledge and the skills needed.
  • We are here to teach you first aid according to the guidelines of The Canadian Red Cross, not to offer medical advice. But we can impart information to you.

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