• Doctors First Aid Company is offering Canadian Red Cross First Aid and CPR training courses, We offer public and private courses, with special prices for groups and students. Doctors First Aid is a Canadian Red Cross training partner, so the certificates are Canadian Red Cross certificates.  

  • Doctors First Aid is based in Ontario (Mississauga and London Ontario).

  • Doctors First Aid Instructors can teach in your home or business place.

  • First Aid CPR / AED courses are WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) compliant.

What do you know about Cardiac arrest?

  • Cardiac arrest is different from Cardiac attack; cardiac attack happens because of one if the coronary arteries completely blocked, Cardiac attack can lead to cardiac arrest.

  • There are approximately 40,000 cardiac arrests in Canada each year.

    Over 80% of cardiac arrest cases, occurred out side the hospitals, in public places or home.

    Only 10% of cardiac arrest cases out side the hospitals, survive. Can reach 20% by early CPR combined with AED use in the first few minutes

  • Doctors First Aid is the first Canadian Red Cross business partner owned and totally operated by Registered qualified Medical Doctors, so our instructors are offering the highest quality First Aid and CPR training courses. Medical doctors who worked in European Western countries.

  • Doctors First Aid proudly offered courses in ” Westervelt College “, ” WIL Employment Connections Centre “, ” Cross Cultural Learner Centre ” , ” Lifelong Learning Centre ” , ” MEK Dental ” and many more.


  • Canadian Red Cross certificates are valid for 3 years. If the participant registered for “Recertification Course” before the expiry date, so the “Recertification Courses” would be shorter in time and cheaper.

    But, if the participant missed the registration before the expiry dates, the course has to taken from the scratch.

  • Standard First Aid CPR/AED courses are allowed to be recertified, within 3 years before the expiry date ONLY once; but the course after the Recertification by 3 years should be from the scratch. In other words Standard First Aid CPR/AED courses could be recertified ONLY once every 3 years.

Being the first person at the scene doesn’t t mean that you are a first aider unless you are a certified First Aider. Taking the course with Doctors First Aid gives you the chance to understand and master a lot of skills with a great medical background.

Our instructors being physicians will give you a chance to ask and understand a lot of the medical point of view of first aid, a lot of the physiology and anatomy that will make sense why do we learn the skills we practice during the course. A lot of people took the course many times during there lives but unfortunately have no explanation why are these skill so important and sometimes they don’t even know how practice properly .Its time now to learn and understand.


You don’t have to be a physician to save somebodies’ life, you can be a first aider trained by physicians in Doctors First Aid and certified by the Canadian Red Cross.


As a well trained first aider you are not asked to diagnose cases ,you are asked to recognize an emergency, to call 911 and stay there to use your skills to deal with life threatening conditions like severe bleeding or choking until paramedics show up, yes you will be able to do that if you are a well trained certified First Aider no matter what you will be facing specifically talking about injuries or medical conditions.


Many parents specially mothers decided to take the course after witnessing their kids choking ,turning blue and were about to lose them, they were wondering how could they have saved their lives right away, why were they choking, how could they have avoided that, can they really prevent that…many questions in their minds made them take the decision to take the course and be prepared in case things happen again. They decided to be well trained instead of just watching their kids die while screaming and panicking

Knowing the principles of first aid will allow you to use the skills and first aid kits with proficiency, with confidence and with no hesitations

Your safety is our priority, but the question is how to stay safe? how to save other peoples lives but still consider your safety……our professional doctors will discuss many precautions and safety procedures to ensure your well being .

– Starting From September 2017, Canadian Red Cross is no longer issuing “Hardcopy Certificates”, It would be “Electronic Certificates”, which will be emailed to the participants upon completing and passing the course. But, immediately after the course a “Temporary Certificate” Valid for 30 days will be issued, till the permanent ones received by the emails.

– Also, upon successful registration, confirmation email will be sent with a download link, which is a PDF version of the Canadian Red Cross Comprehensive Guide (200 plus pages).

So please, this is the course manual. No Hardcopy manual.
Doctors’ First Aid instructors are teaching this manual.

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 31 reviews

Amazing instructors and a wonderful educational environment. I highly recommend "Doctor's First Aid" for any one interested in this course

The instructor, Mohamed made the training course a very wonderful experience! He was very easy to listen too and demonstrated all skills very professionally! Overall, I'm walking away feeling confident in my ability to perform CPR and standard first aid.

by Morgan L on Doctors' First Aid

Mohamed my trainer was very welcoming and engaging, he made the class interesting and I learned lots!

by Njmeia Elkbron on Doctors' First Aid

Thank you very much for the information that you offered throughout the two days. I really enjoyed the course and learned the essential and basic first aid steps that might anyone need to use sometime. Your work is highly appreciated . Thank you

by Manal El shurafa on Doctors' First Aid

It was an amazing training. I learned a lot . The instructors were professional and helpful.

by Eman Mahmoud on Doctors' First Aid

It was an informative course. The course went so fast with the knowledgeable and pleasant instructors.

by Ramy Ahmed on Doctors' First Aid

First of all, I would like to share with you guys my experiences with First Aid & CPR Courses over the world. I have attended this course around 10 times in different countries such as (Australia, North Africa, middle eastern countries and Asian). Recently, I finished my First Aid course with Doctors’ First Aid in London, Ontario Canada. When I attended the course first day with the best instructor ever Dr. Hussein Hassan, I felt that I have never taken this course before, Dr. Hussein is a physician in real that means a lot for me, means that I will learn first time in my life what is the real meaning of first aid. I cannot say that Dr. Housein is a professional instructor because he is more than professional, I cannot describ how he is an amazing instructor by his knowledge and teaching techniques. All my class mates today were so happy and excited. All of us enjoyed a lot, even we didn’t feel 8 hours and we wished to stay more and more.If I keep writing about Dr. Housein, I believe that I couldn’t stop.I also recommend Dr. Mohamed Awad, he is a physician as well and working at Doctors’ First Aid Red Cross agency.The best company ever which has amazing instructors.Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions.Wish all the best for everyone.Thank you Dr. Hussein / Dr. Mohamed.

by Chris Campbell on Doctors' First Aid

My training experience at Doctors First Aid was “ learning made enjoyable”.It was completely professional and top notch but geared to keeping participants engaged. The instruction received was by far one of the greatest adult learning experiences of my career.Trainer made my two days both a learning experience and a pleasure to get involved in that experience.Iv taken hundreds of health and safety related courses and these guys earn their money.Great experience and I’d suggest them to anyone that wants to learn.......

by Yasmine Didi on Doctors' First Aid

I'm extremely happy with how much I learned and how much I enjoyed the First Aid and CRP class with Dr. Muhammad and Dr. Hussein. They were patient, really thorough, and very knowledgeable. The class very interactive, and the hands on practice and many references using real life examples were especially helpful. I feel confident that I can (God willing) be prepared to help in a real life situation. Thanks so much 🙂

by Steve on Doctors' First Aid

Best teacher ever!Fun to learn!

by Jihad Elrafih on Doctors' First Aid

This course is really helpful and full of joy . The instructor gives you the right amount of background information behind each topic, which makes first aid easy to understand and memorize. Lots of fun, definitely worth to taking keep up the good work Many appreciate to the instructor. .

by Wael Abdellah on Doctors' First Aid

Very valuable course.

by Hanan A on Doctors' First Aid

That was a great course. I learned a lot and time passed very quickly.Thanks to the professional instructions.

by A. Ahmed on Doctors' First Aid

This course was the most informative course I have ever had. The instructor seemed to be quite expert; in addition, to excellent teaching skills and amazing illustrating media within the course. I recommended to everyone!

by Cherie on Doctors' First Aid

It’s a great First Aid course. I took the courses with Dr. Hassen in London, not bored at all with two-day full training! Dr. Hassen made the course practical and interesting. I learned so much in such a short time and walked away confidently to know what to do. THANK YOU!!!

Highly recommend taking this course with Doctor’s first aid.Excellent instructor and all the course material was explained thoroughly which made it easier to understand.

by Luke watt on Doctors' First Aid

My instructor was amazing! He was truly engaged in the training and was in depth and wanted to make sure we knew exactly what we were doing as well as why we were doing it! I’d recommend the Doctors First Aid for anyone

by Cam Bereznick on Doctors' First Aid

Very instructional, professional, and enthusiastic instructor. A lot of information learned. Maybe too much information compacted into a small amount of time. Still very informative.

The CPR/First Aid course was a great experience and would definitely take another course to upgrade. The day was fun and very educational. Mohamed was my instructor and he was awesome, the information and training he gave was professional and enjoyable. Thank you Mohamed for a great day and look forward to seeing you again soon to continue to further my CPR/First Aid courses

by Maymona Ahmad on Doctors' First Aid

Great instructor, very professional. Gets you to understand the background of things you learn instead of just reading from the manual. Best First Aid and CPR instructor I have ever had. I would highly recommend taking First Aid and CPR with him!

by Rose Whalen on Doctors' First Aid

In my 20 years of Nursing and Social Work this was the best and most informative Standard First aid/CPR and AED level C course that i have ever taken. I would highly recommend it to all. Dr. Hussein was an outstanding instructor!

by Brandon moore on Doctors' First Aid

Great teacher. Great class.

by jAN Brooks on Doctors' First Aid

Dr. Hassan taught an excellent course. He had so many excellent examples of what we needed to understand and was able to use layman's terms and yet still educate us thoroughly in what we needed to have.I hope when I renew in 3 years you are still teaching. I would attend for sure.THX. jAN Brooks, Owner/Operator B.C. "natural horse" PLACE, London, ON

by Nadine Renno on Doctors' First Aid

The course was very informative and the facilitator was a fun well informed instructor. Keep it up.

by Heike on Doctors' First Aid

Great 2 days First Aid course with a highly professional Hussein Hassan, was fun to learn with him and he made it really interesting too, that the time was running by.
Highly recommended

Unbelievable two-day course with a professional instructor, Hussein Hassan. It was a pleasure to get new knowledge and experience with his easy explanations. Highly recommended.

by Basel on Doctors' First Aid

Great sessions and very informative! Instructor is knowledgeable and relays subject in an engaging and easy to understand way. Highly recommended!!

by Caighlee on Doctors' First Aid

Mohamed was my instructor and he was very knowledgeable and very fun to be taught by! Thank you very much Mohamed!!

by Jenny on Doctors' First Aid

I had the pleasure of being in Mohamed’s class. Mohamed makes learning fun while confirming everyone understands all the information before moving on. Students are successful in his class because he truly cares about them. If you are able to take this course you should. If you get Mohamed as your instructor you’re blessed. Thank you Mohamed. 🙂

Facilitator was very knowledgeable and kept class engaged and fun

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